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January 16, 2013
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'Calm down, _____...this is nothing but a little shot. That's it! And as long as you have your trusty MP3 everything will a-okay.'  You thought to yourself as a soft smile creeped its way onto your pale lips. Looking at the wall in front you was a bleak cream color that was covered in cheesy posters telling you how you can stay healthy. One even mentioned about to ask about getting your shot for meningitis. Ah, just what you needed, something to remind you why you where even here in the first place. Glancing over to your left you saw a mother and her daughter who looked be around 12 or so. She didn't look worried at all, she had a more annoyed look as she glared at her phone behind her glasses.

Daring to look over to your right, your heart beating against your rib cage as a small dust of pink covered your (s/c) face. Sitting next to you was Mathias Køhler, who was one of your best friends, crush, and the horrible person who brought you this terrible place. He was smiling as he was reading a text on his phone. It was most likely his brother/best friend Lukas.

No matter how much you wanted to disagree, you had developed feelings for the Dane. Although if you told him, he would just reject you since other, more prettier, girls were tossing their selves at his feet. It was no lie that he was good looking. His black jeans that he was wearing matched his long-sleeved, red sweater and his bright stunning blue eyes that could make anyone,except Lukas smile, just by looking at his own. Not only that, but he seemed to have gravity-defying blonde hair that stuck out in every way, but it fit him perfectly.

Your face turned even brighter as you realized that you were starting to check him out and looked down at your hands that held your precious small, black MP3 that was covered in Kirby stickers. Nodding your head softly to the beat of your music until it suddenly stopped and you looked at it closely to see that the words "Bye" were now on display on the bright (f/c) theme and then it went black. Panic filled inside you as you listened to the silence in the room, besides the soft cough coming from the left of you, but it was too quiet, too suffocating for your own ears.

Looking around the room with wide (e/c) eyes you pulled the earbuds out and wrapped them around the now dead electronic and with shaky hands stuffed it into the pocket of your jeans. By now, Mathias had noticed how your body had became stiff as you put about your MP3. "Oi, ____. You okay?" He asked as he looked at you with concern. Blinking quickly you gave a forced smile.

"Yup! I'm fine, my MP3 just died is all. I forgot to charge last now. Oh well!" You tried to laugh it off and it wasn't convincing the Danish man next to you at all. He opened his mouth to say something when a loud scream echoed throughout the small little waiting room. You became instantly still as a statue as your eyes widened even more.

Coming out from the room in the back was a young mother her small child who looked to be only 4 or 5 years old. The poor boy was crying his eyes out as he held his arm close to his small frame, while the mother tried to comfort the small boy with soothing words and promised some ice cream for being so brave. That didn't stop him from crying, it seemed to make him cry harder as he held his arm even closer and you could see that he had just gotten a shot. For what, you didn't know or care.

"Poor little dreng, hope he's gonna be okay." You heard Mathias comment as he watched the two walk away, the screaming and crying fading away, little by little. This of course didn't help your nerves at all. You were visibly shaking in the uncomfortable blue chair as you stared at the door behind the desk. "_____?" You didn't even look at him. Right now you were trying to calm. You kept telling yourself that the 12 year old annoyed girl was going to go first, since she and her mother were here before you and Mathias.

"____ ____? You're next sweetie." You heard the nurse say as she looked down at the clipboard in  her hands and wrote something down. If Mathias wasn't here, you would've broken down crying and begging them to have the little 12 year old brat go first. But noooooooo, you just had to impress him, didn't you? You mentally facepalmed as you glanced at the nurse, the 12 year old brat who stared at you with an even more annoyed look, and Mathias who wore a look of concern on his usually happy-go-lucky face.

Taking a big gulp of air, you swallowed and gave a stiff nod. "" You said in a very small voice. You got up and slowly made your way to the back, your Danish friend right behind you.

"Alright honey, take a seat right there, while I set up the needle for you." she explained as she turned her back to you. You sat down while the Dane leaned against the door frame, which the chair was right next to surprisingly. Turing back around she tapped the needle slightly and pushed up. It glimmered almost evilly in the bright lights that hung overhead. Raising your arm up you turned your head to the right and closed your eyes tight to both not to see her stick it into your arm and to keep the tears threatening to fall.

Before you knew it, you were pulled into a soft embrace and you looked up to see that Mathias had pulled you into a hug and he smiled down at you. "Don't be scared ____, you have me here." He replied softly as he brushed back some of your (h/c) hair that had fallen onto your face. Blushing a dark red you nodded and with your free arm you hugged him around the waist and buried your face into his chest as you felt the needle penetrate your skin. You tensed up and felt pain and tears brimmed on your eyes as you hide your face even more Mathias chest keeping a little squeal in and then it was gone moments later.

"All done sweetheart. Here let me put this bandage on for you," The nurse said as she placed a bright red bandage that was covered in white strips. It reminded you of the Danish flag for a minute. "I wish I had a caring boyfriend like you, honey. Well, anyways, you two can leave now." She sighed dreamily as she checked her clipboard one more time and wrote on it too.

Blushing, you were about to correct her when Mathias beat you to it. "Hehehe, you beat she does~! And to keep being an awesome boyfriend, I think I'll take her out for ice cream for being so brave." He chuckled as he grabbed your hand and turned to leave with you blushing a million different sides of red.

Stopping your feet from moving, you looked down at your feet. Mathias noticed that you weren't moving and looked over his shoulder as he also came to a halt. "What's the matter ____? Gør det ondt?" He asked and you shook your head.

"Mathias...w-why would you say that w-we...were d-dating?" You asked, your words becoming a stutter as you looked up. His beautiful blue orbs looked straight into your own (e/c) as he walked back to you closing whatever space was between the two of you and pulled you into a hug.

"I said that because, I do want to be your boyfriend ____," He explained as you looked at him with a shocked expression and he smiled a sheepish smile before he continued. "I've always had feelings for you since...since as long as I can remember! So when she said that I was a good boyfriend I thought it might have been a good time know...confess that I-I..." He took a deep breathe. "Jeg elsker dig _____."

Your heart practically stopped beating as soon as the words left his mouth. You tossed your arms around his neck and pulled him for a kiss which he happily returned. Breaking apart for the sadly needed air you had a large grin on your face along with a deep blush. "I love you too. Now what about that ice cream, you mentioned earlier?" You asked as you grabbed onto his arm.

"I know a good place." He said with a smile and lead you out of that horrible, yet pleasurable place.

-------------3 days later----------------

"Why the hell does my arm hurt so much?! I got that stupid shot three days ago!" You questioned as you rubbed your now sore arm. Mathias shrugged as he looked at you as you sat next to him on his couch. "Ugh! I wish there was a way I could just forget it or something!" You whined as you pouted at the spot you had been punctured at with that dreaded needle. A sly smirk crawled onto  the Dane's lips as he glance over at you as a thought crossed his mind.

Within seconds you were pushed down with Mathias hovering over you. "I have an idea that can take your mind of that pain." He said as he planted a kiss on your lips as you turned million shades of red.
Glacie: I can't believe I wrote a one-shot for Denmark...I feel like I butchered his character...*headdesk* Meh, anyways-I got this idea a while ago, but I was too lazy to write it til now. Also this was based on what happened to me about 2 weeks ago. I had to get my shots, but see I'm terrified of needles so I was freaking out and tried to clam myself by listening to my MP3, but it died because I forgot to charge it the night before. And it freaked me out even more and three days later, my arm was sore for no reason what-so-ever. Yippie...*headdeak again* I wish I had Denmark or even Romania to comfort me when I had to get my shot.

Denmark: Hehehe, you have any beer lying around?

Glacie: No. I don't drink. Have some juice. I'm going to bed. I still have finals going on tomorrow.

Denmark: Whaaaaaat?? Glacie you gotta go and buy me some!

Glacie: *walks away* No Denny, I won't buy you any!

Denmark: *walks after her* GLLLLAAAACCCIIIIEEE!!!
:iconsexydenmarkplz: (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story (c) :iconglaceon007:
You (c) :iconsexydenmarkplz:
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CydoniaKnights0317 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013
The description is hilarious and the story relatable too! I'd probably have sonic stickers on my MP3 player. Hey Denny, have you tried Capri- sun?
Lullabydream Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This year i was in an hospital nearby for an operation and I swear to god I got literarlly 1000000 shots in this 11 days-it was just horrible (i wish i would have had an cute dane like him by my sideT.T*fangirls*)
AmberKirkland Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013
I have to get shots next week.. I'm feeling a little scared. The story was really good btw :D
TheHetareOne Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013  Hobbyist
Cheesy! XD
KaraAkuma Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013
Have Romania to make you feel better when blood is sure it's a good idea? But oh well, I am actually really happy you like the character of my country, makes me really proud.
And denmark came out really well actually.
Yami-noTenshi Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

Fucking awesome... O.O

I'm awfu

 with shots... I really really hate getting shot... Always end up almost crying...

How the fuck do you do it?!

And you lopike all of my favorite characters! Denmark, Romano, Romania, and Gilbert! I fucking adore these 4!!!

Sweetiepie14 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, Reader-chan has my mp3 player XD. Too bad it died....
World-Detective-L Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
The funny thing is... I got my shot today XD. All I had to do was smile like I was insane and it didn't hurt. XDD
CydoniaKnights0317 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013
haha XD
anw1008 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013
you like Romania too!

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